Getting to Know You Game: Featuring Great Bloggers!

My friend Jill from NotSoSoccerMom ( tagged me in her post and I thought this was a great idea.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

Let’s all play a game and showcase some other cool blogs in the bargain.  Here’s how it works:

1.  READERS:  post your answers in the comments section
2.  BLOGGERS:  Tag 5 other blogs by posting links to their blogs and let them know.  Create your own questions and pass it on!!!

I’m also going to suggest that we tag the original blog that tagged you so that person can see your answers too!!!

I loved Jill’s questions so much that I have borrowed a few of hers and added a few of my own!!

1.  What is your secret skill?  I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order in under a minute.  Actually I can sing it.  Since I was in 5th grade.  Won MANY a cocktail in bars betting on this!!

2.  Besides your family and your children, what is the material thing you cherish the most?  I still have a few emails that my dad sent me – words of encouragement and how proud he was that I was his daughter – from before he died.  I keep them in my email on my phone so I can read them when I am down.  And I have a necklace that my grandparents gave to me for Christmas when I was 12.

3.  If you had to pick our next President out of people you know IN PERSON, who would it be?  I think I would pick Dr. Cathy Subber.  She runs TWO businesses – Advanced Health of Naperville & Cafe N Play – is the owner of the Naperville Moms Network, is a member of many other organization in our community AND is a single mom of 2 boys.  Her spirit is infectious, she is warm and welcoming, and everyone I know loves her to pieces.  She could totally run the country!!!!

4.  What does your phone case look like?    I have a two tone pink case for my iPhone but can’t WAIT for a NotSoSoccerMomRadio one!!!

5.  Favorite beauty trick?  Baby oil to remove my eye makeup (after I take out my contacts).  Been using it since I was 16.  Tried all other types of make-up removers and nothing works better than a $2.00 bottle of generic baby oil from Target.

6.  Best recipe I have?  Totally made this up (which is huge since everyone that knows me KNOWS that I don’t really cook!)  Buy Carnitas meat from Trader Joe’s (pre made) and microwave.  Mix with cooked scrambled eggs (that have shredded cheese in them).  Place on a toasted tortilla, add avocado (if preferred), roll and eat!  One of my kids favorites and I love it too!

7.  Give a shout-out to someone who supports you.  Thanks to the moms of the Naperville Moms Network.  They are the most amazing group of women who’s only goal is to collaborate and lift up – never to tear down.  Thank you to Kim Pirrella who is one of the most positive, encouraging, and motivational women I have ever met.  She never hesitates to tell me that I CAN DO IT!  A special thanks to my better half who puts up with my shenanigans and craziness, is my sounding board in the year of “doing things that scare me”, and is always holding my hand when I jump!

Here’s my 5 other bloggers that I’m tagging!  Get to it and HAVE FUN!


  1. It’s nice to meet other single mom bloggers!

    1. I can pick up things with my toes.
    2. Family photos. I’ve done a better job this year of getting them printed and framed.
    3. Good question. My son! I would love for him to be President one day. 🙂
    4. I don’t have a case for my phone. That’s why it looks so beat up.
    5. Cetaphil, my favorite skin care cleanser and moisturizer.
    6.I’m not sure of it’s name, but I love turkey sausage, red beans, diced tomatoes and rice.
    7. I have to shout out my best friend, April. She’s pretty awesome!

  2. Love this!!! Thanks, Jen. We are all so blessed to know you!

  3. 50 states is awesome …. of course, I’m going to try to remember that so when I meet you in person I’ll ask you to sing them for me!
    Also, you answers are so much more fun than mine. I don’t think I have a secret skill. I even asked my husband and he was all, ummm, you can embroider? I don’t know if it counts, but I’ll go with it!
    Material thing would be my computer. I cherish it. And all it has on it – my pictures, my friends, etc. How did we ever survive before them?
    President – hmm, my husband would be a good one, but I’d never want him to go through the downside of being a president (half the people love you, but half hate you). And I would not want my antics or my children’s antics to be front page news lol!
    Beauty trick … I’d have to do anything with beauty. I don’t. However, I don’t wash my hair every day. And the stylists always love my hair and say how healthy it is. So I think it works and think more people could probably not wash it every day. Does that count?
    Phone case – is plain. black. and all they have for my phone!
    I don’t really cook. So yeah. Next question please LOL!
    Too many people to name here =)

    Also, hope you manage to get a little r&r this weekend. 😉