Success Reality – Women’s Dream Conference April 13, 2012

The final morning session of the Women’s Dream Conference was about the reality of success.  Experts panelists discussed topics such as health, poise, wardrobe, and fashion and how it can reflect your brand.  The panelists were:

(Left to Right)
Elizabeth Ruske – Tiara Coaching
Dr. Stacie McClane – Chicago Plastic Surgery Centers
Frances Renk – Sequin Chicago
Erica Strama – Northbridge Mall & Chicago Stylist
Angela Rose – PAVE Founder
Saran Sunmore – NBC Fit Coach, MTV “I Used To Be Fat”
Sandra Kumorowski – Professor, Columbia College

This was a fun and lively discussion about everything from Spanx to wardrobe malfunctions.  Each panelists was asked to share some of their tips on fitness, wardrobe and style.  Here are the highlights:

Simple Tips on Wardrobe, Fitness and Style

  • Surround yourself with women that inspire you from a style perspective
  • Always be well groomed and have clean shoes
  • Plan your wardrobe out before every event
  • Make good eye contact
  • Know how to shake hands
  • Have great posture – Abs in, Butt Out, Chest Up
  • Don’t beat yourself up, forgive yourself
  • Encourage someone else
  • Smile
  • Ask for help from experts
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Be aware of the mind, body, soul connection
  • Practice conscious eating and living
  • Be aware of what we think of ourselves
  • What we want and what we think we deserve are two different things
  • Take time for yourself
  • Be grateful
  • Use shapewear!
  • If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work – no matter how inexpensive it is
  • Wear color
  • People will take you more seriously if you dress more seriously.  Look the part.

The most important thing that I took away from this panel was the theme of BE YOURSELF and embrace whoever that may be.  Others will feed off our your energy if you negative or self conscious about your appearance or how you feel about yourself.  Be as confident in yourself as you want others to be in you.

Favorite take-away:

“Every woman is a leader in her own world” – Elizabeth Ruske

You can find these panelists at:
Elizabeth Ruske, Twitter @bethrusketiara
Dr. Stacie McClane,
Frances Renk, Twitter @Sequin_Chicago
Erica Strama, Twitter @ericastrama
Angela Rose, Twitter @angelarosepave
Saran Sunmore, Twitter @SaranDunmore
Sandra Kumorowski, Twitter @sandrakum