The Producers – Women’s Dream Conference April 13, 2012

The topic for the first afternoon session of the Women’s Dream Conference was extending your network and new media requirements of growing your business from web to world.  Our panelists were:

(Left to Right)
Andrea Metcalf (Moderator)
Barb Rozgonyi – Wired PR Works, CoryWest Media
Beth Rosen – Four Keys Media
MJ Tam – Chicagonista
Angela Rose – Founder, PAVE
Jennifer Christenson – JMP Global
Sandra Kumorowski – Professor, Columbia College

Again, this was a panel of savvy social media mavens and the information was amazing!  I’m going to highlight some of it here for everyone:

Examples of Enhancing Your Networking

  • Remember to follow-up with people
  • Think about what can you do for others?
  • Get a celebrity endorsement for your business
  • Blogging and social media are HUGE enhancements to networking
  • Work sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Are you a thinker?  Leader?  Content cultivator?
  • Host events
  • Take people up on their offers
  • Approach people – don’t be a wallflower

Tips to Positive Networking

  • Take pictures
  • Listen to your network – observe what they like and COMMENT
  • Keep it personal
  • Keep up with your network
  • Be open minded, engaging, real and relatable in person and on social media
  • If it doesn’t exist – create it!
  • Think outside the box
  • Stay action and attitude oriented and focused
  • Don’t forget about “cause marketing”; for-profit business for a non-profit cause
  • Who else is going to an event you are attending?  Do your research
  • Add people to Twitter and Facebook as you meet them
  • Take tons of pictures and tag people on Facebook and Twitter
  • Network OUTSIDE of your usual network circles
  • Join a social media club, or attend an event
  • Have a quick tag line that describes what you do
  • Make sure you are connected on social media with people you already know

Commons Mistakes and And Recommendations

  • Don’t just hand someone your business card without asking if they’d like one – no “analog” spam!
  • Remember quality over quantity.  Make real relationships with people
  • Don’t force yourself on people.  Win them over with your personality and knowledge.
  • Opportunities don’t always wait for you.  Answer your correspondence promptly.
  • Know your worth!
  • Remember to mind your business.  No one will mind it for you.
  • YOU are in charge of everything, even if you delegate it.
  • Time management is key.  Schedule the time you need for everything.
  • Don’t forget to say “Thank You” for everything.  Gratitude goes a long way.
  • Start a Facebook/Twitter fan page FIRST before your business takes off.  Not after.

Favorite takeaway:

“Remember the words Consideration and Honorarium and don’t be afraid to ask” – Andrea Metcalf

You can find these panelists at:

Barb Rozgonyi, Twitter @wiredprworks or @corywestmedia
Beth Rosen, Twitter @BethRosen
MJ Tam, Twitter @MJTam or @Chicagonista or @SocialRevUp
Angela Rose, Twitter @angelarosepave
Jennifer Christenson,
Sandra Kumorowski, Twitter @sandrakum