Moms in Business Luncheon – Naperville Moms Network

Today I attended a “Moms In Business” luncheon from the Naperville Moms Network and sponsored by member, Dana Marie Smith.

Held at Basil’s Greek Dining in Aurora, the luncheon was designed so that the “Momprenuer’s” in the network could get together, socialize, and see where we could collective work together as a community.  Over forty women took time out of their days to learn about each other, get comfortable talking about themselves, and stretch a little out of their comfort zone.  We covered the gamut of professions – lawyers, doctors, fitness professionals, realtors, marketing, social media, designers, travel consultants, insurance specialists, authors, educators – you name it and there was a woman in the room that was doing it as her passion.  If we were the last women standing and had to run the world, we could handle it!

I love these type of events because you never know who you will meet or where it will take you in the future.  I’ve learned to move out of my stay-home-hermit self and really enjoy learning about people and what they are interested in doing.  Maybe I can help – maybe I will learn something.  Maybe they will.  Either way, it’s a great opportunity to expand my horizon outside of my everyday contact circles.

Cathy Subber, owner of the Naperville Moms Network, spoke a little bit about the history of the network and the goals for this year.  Each attendee had an opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about what they did.  Then luncheon sponsor, Dana Marie Smith from Coldwell Banker-Honig Bell of Naperville gave a short talk about her relationship with the Network and some of her personal experiences since she’s joined.  Dana has a large-than-life personality and the warmth that radiates from her soul shone brightly in the room today.  Wether you knew Dana prior to this lunch or not, you were moved listening to her talk.  She is an inspiration, and I am grateful to call her a friend.

Dana Marie 2

If you are interested in attending events like this from the Naperville Moms Network, check out their website at