#Cookmore Twitter Party with Kenmore and Momma Cuisine on Wednesday, March 27th at 8pm CST

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COOK MORE. What do you think of when you hear those two words? Is it a chore and a hassle? Or do you think of fun times with family and great friends?

I am thrilled to be a co-host for this fantastic Twitter party!  Join us on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 8:00 P.M. CST, using the hashtag #cookmore, for a fun Twitter chat with Kenmore! We’ll be talking about tips on how to cook more at home, chat with Kenmore about their appliances, share recipes, and learn about a fun contest on Cookmore.com, Kenmore’s new recipe site where you can enter your “Favorite Family Recipe” for chances to win great Kenmore appliances!

I’ve already entered my recipe – Lasagna With A Twist – hop on over and take a look.  If it looks yummy, show it some love!

Check out Cookmore.com and browse around some of the featured recipes and even build your own cookbook!  Hope you’ll join us on Wednesday!

#Cookmore Twitter Party Hosts:

@Kenmore – www.kenmore.com

@mommacuisine – www.mommacuisine.com

Great #Cookmore Twitter Party Co-Hosts:

Candy Tai – @mommypalooza – www.mommypalooza.com

Lori Tamara Brown – @papateriebelle – www.papateriebelle.com

Amanda Her – @thoughtsfromher – www.thoughtsfromher.com

Jennifer Wesbrock Evers – @3girlsmomma19 – www.memyselfandjen.com

The Little Style File – @lilstylefile – www.thelittlestylefile.com

Rachel Hull – @roasted_beanz – www.roastedbeanz.com

Elizabeth Edwards – @table4five – www.table4five.net

Natasha Nicholes – @HFofNicholes – www.housefulofnicholes.com

Sarah Howard – @isarahtakeyou – www.isarahtakeyou.wordpress.com