Promo Code for BlogHer 13, as well as Pathfinder Day, Health Minder Day, and Viewfinder Day


The wonderful people at #BlogHer are offering my readers a 20% discount on the purchase of their conference passes for the main conference, as well as the Pre-Conference educational offerings on July 24th.

Here are the promo codes:


and if you click HERE it will take you directly to Registration.

You MUST use the promotion code in the box to get the discounts.   Disclosure:  This promotion code is linked to an affiliate program through BlogHer, and it will ask you who referred you.  If you would be so kind as to give them my name (Jennifer Evers), I would appreciate it.  

This will be my very first #BlogHer and I am thrilled to be attending not only the full conference, but Pathfinder Day as well.  Hope to see you there!!


  1. Sweet! i used your coupon code and listed you as contact. It’s my first BlogHer and I am STOKED (and worried that words like that will mark me as a dinosaur, so I should probably say #swag or something)!!!

    • Jennifer Evers says:

      Very cool! Thanks and look forward to seeing you in Chicago at #BlogHer13!

  2. I am somewhat of a newbie & kept going back and forth about whether to go to BlogHer. I am excited for it but hope it isn’t completely overwhelming! Thanks for the promo code, I just signed up & put your name in as the referral… 🙂