Flat Sue goes to #Blogher13

For the second year in a row, Flat Sue made an appearance at BlogHer because Real Sue (As Cape Cod Turns) wasn’t able to attend (BUMMER!).  Because Melisa (Suburban Scrawl) was part of the BlogHer staff this year, I was given the task of making sure that Flat Sue had a good time (aka making sure she didn’t get lost or left behind like last year).

Here’s her weekend in pictures!

Flat Sue Breakfast Pathfinder

Flat Sue went to Thursday’s pre-conference Pathfinder Day with me. She enjoyed a healthy breakfast and was ready to get started!

Flat Sue taking notes

Flat Sue was very good about taking notes in the Pathfinder Day “My Blog As a Business”. She learned a lot from the instructors.

Flat Sue and Jennifer Evers

A selfie with me and Flat Sue on Thursday night.

Flat Sue, Jennifer and Melisa

Friday morning selfie with Melisa from Suburban Scrawl and Flat Sue

Flat Sue at Lean Cuisine

By lunch on Friday, Flat Sue was STARVING and licked her plate clean at the Lean Cuisine luncheon (with Kari from A Grace Full Life)

Flat Sue and Marianne

The wheels were staring to fall off the bus when, mid-afternoon, Flat Sue decided to hit the bottle of Red Stag with Marianne from We Band of Mothers. I warned her that keeping pace with Marianne might prove difficult.

Flat Sue and Portillos

After a whirlwind outing, Flat Sue ended up noshing on Portillo’s for dinner with Kari from A Grace Full Life in the background.

Flat Sue Kari and Dwana

It’s party time! First up, Flat Sue headed to the Multi Culti party with me and Kari from a Grace Full Life. Here she was meeting our hostess, Dwana, and enjoying the “Multi Culti Cocktail”.

Multi Culti Picture

Flat Sue even managed to get included in a Charlie’s Angels-esque picture with Julie, Katie, Me, Kari and Danielle at the Multi-Culti party. She was having a blast!

Flat Sue at Multi Culti - In Bed

After her photo op and socializing, Flat Sue decided to drink her cocktail while lounging in bed during the Multi Culti party.

Flat Sue HugHer13

Moving through two more parties (and as many cocktails), Flat Sue met up with Lizz Porter from “Am I A Funny Girl” and picked up her “I’m a Hugger” button as part of #HugHer13

Flat Sue munchies

By the time Flat Sue rolled in to the Queerosphere Party, she was hungry again. More food!!

Flat Sue and VOYO board

Despite being left in a handbag during the Voices of the Year program (where she HEARD Queen Latifa but didn’t actually get to see her), Flat Sue was proud of her roommate Shannon (Deepest Worth) and decided to bring her a present. The 5 or 6 cocktails she’d had made this idea seem like it was BRILLIANT!

Flat Sue Hungover

There was a lot of partying and mischief on Friday night, and not a lot of sleep. Flat Sue spent Saturday in bed, recovering. In her party clothes. She’s not the party animal she used to be.

I enjoyed my time with Flat Sue at #BlogHer13, and as much as she partied I’m glad she didn’t end up face down in the gutter somewhere.

Hopefully next year I will get to hang out with Real Sue!


  1. I knew I left Flat Sue with the right person!

    (P.S. I’m a little surprised that Marianne shared her alcohol. Flat Sue must’ve made a HUGE impression on her. 😉 )

  2. Oh, that Flat Sue. Give her a shot of bourbon and she starts stealing things. Sorry I lost your bow, Flat Sue.
    Love you, Jen.

  3. That Flat Sue was a hoot.
    And a lush.

  4. Oh Jen! You did such a great job entertaining (and keeping track of) “me” for the weekend!!! Thank you so much! Now that you have met Flat Sue, maybe someday soon, you will be able to meet, me, Real Sue! Oh, and Real Sue sticks with a couple glasses of wine at night, she’s not the lush Flat Sue is 🙂

  5. Flat Sue was DA BOMB and can party with us southsiders any time she wants! Hilarious post, Jen!

  6. Hilarious & cute!! I uses to teach 3rd grade & our beginning of the year unit was Flat Stanly 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to welcome me!!! Super sweet of you!