Google +: The Other Red Button

Recently, I attended the 2013 Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta, GA.  It was a fabulous weekend filled with tons of useful content.  This is the fifth in a Better Blogging Education Series of posts where I’ll be summarizing my notes from specific sessions that I attended.  Here’s what’s been covered so far:  Pinterest & Instagram SessionShort Form Video SessionWriting Engaging Content Session, and the Mobil Blogging Strategies Session.  In each post, I’ll be crediting back the individual speakers and providing you with their social media channels so that you can follow them.  If you are looking for a fun weekend of bonding and great education, I would strongly urge you to consider attending the 2014 Type-A Parent Conference.  Also being held in Atlanta next year, you can find more information on the conference and the ticket availability HERE (affiliate link).

Google Plus, The Other Red Button session notes from Type A Conference (


Peter McDermott, @PeterGMcDermott,

Learning about Setting Up Profile & Authorship
  • Use the Google resources.  Google -“How to use g+ a beginners guide” for information
  • G+ as a calendar
  • Author profiles
  • – tutorials with videos with step by step by step instructions
  • Google + help community – Natalie V – community manager for Google + Help Community – Great Resource!
Why Not Just Use Facebook?
  • Google + is continuously crawled
  • Free
  • Facebook:  Only open forums MAY be indexed, increasingly pay to play
  • Google’s primary business is advertising
  • Google wants to content to be discovered organically
  • Bottom line – better SEO
  • Google + profile
  • Contributor to: any website that you write for you want to add a hyperlink to the top level domain.
  • Go back to the article you wrote and add your Google+ profile link
  • Go back to website and add the rel=author tag
  • Google+ website and add badge.
  • Make sure that your byline has your email address and your full name. Make sure that there is a rel=author link
  • The article that you have contributed to has to be linked to your google+ account.
Blog Page versus Personal Account
  • Authorship is tied to the person not the blog page
  • Tying content and google+ account together will increase author rank and search results
Helpful recommendations
  • Don’t just dump a link
  • Bold headline
  • Bigger the picture the better
  • Some text but not a ton
  • Bolded hyperlink
  • A captivating headline makes all the difference
  • Well thought out content
  • Include open ended question to engage
  • Keep track of the people that engage with you
  • Establish a community of followers, reward them for their interaction
  • Help you build Customer Relations Management software around your circle
  • You can have an unlimited number of circles
  • Share directly to them.
  • Tailor circles to customers or specific groups
  • Marriage of Google Talk, Google Messenger, Google Voice, Video Hangouts
  • Works with Apple iOS, Android, Gmail, Google+, Chrome Extension
  • Friends, co workers, or meetings
  • Desktop requirements:
    • recent release of chrome, firefox, safari, mozilla or internet explorer
    • windows,s max osx,
  • Create an Event that is a hangout.  Basically you are making an appointment for a Hangout.
  • Automatically sends them a message and puts it on their calendar.
  • Also works with Hangouts On Air
  • You can turn the calendar function off
Hangout on Air
  • Replacing podcasting
  • Sync it to your youtube account
  • Can broadcast to all of your circles and publicly
  • HuffingtonPost LIVE is all on Hangout on Air
  • Monetize the videos
YouTube Integration
  • Google + Account ties to YouTube Account
  • All Hangouts on Air Upload automatically
  • Vides are Embeddeable (Live and on demand)
  • Great for training and archiving meetings

Final Thoughts:

  • Add your Google+ profile badge to your website
  • If your business doesn’t have more than 1 person, keep it to a personal profile.
  • If there’s more than 1 person, have a business profile
  • Using hangouts to continue to connect:  use youtube or hangout embed those videos later on a website.
  • Google calaendar settings:  show events, declined.  automatically add events
  • What’s the point??  Hangouts, authorship, circles, higher in page rank, SEO, convincing Google that you are an expert in something.
  • For every 1 thing you post, read and connect with 10 other things and people that you don’t know.

Do you use Google+ to promote your blog or business?  I do, and you can connect with me on Google + HERE.  


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