Writing Engaging Content: Practice Makes Perfect

A few weeks ago, I attended the 2013 Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta, GA.  It was a fabulous weekend filled with tons of useful content.  This is the third in a Better Blogging Education Series of posts where I’ll be summarizing my notes from specific sessions that I attended.  The first post was from the Pinterest & Instagram Session, and the second was from the Short Form Video Session.  In each post, I’ll be crediting back the individual speakers and providing you with their social media channels so that you can follow them.  If you are looking for a fun weekend of bonding and great education, I would strongly urge you to consider attending the 2014 Type-A Parent Conference.  Also being held in Atlanta next year, you can find more information on the conference and the ticket availability HERE (affiliate link).

Writing Engaging Content: Practice Makes Perfect, my notes from Type A Conference (www.memyselfandjen.com)


Katherine Stone, @postpartumprog, www.fierceandpowerful.com/wordpress/meet-katherine-stone/
Anissa Mayhew, @anissamayhew, www.about.me/ANISSAMAYHEW

  • Have strong feelings about what you write about
  • If you don’t have that passion anymore – move on. find a new topic, switch gears, rebrand
  • Figure out a way to maintain the passion
  • It’s okay to move on or quit entirely
  • Passion will give you a new perspective on the same topic
  • Interested enough to keep it fresh and pay attention to things outside of your blog area.
  • Try to read other people’s stuff to keep it fresh and interesting
  • Find new ways of learning
  • Every single year try to come up with an innovation for your blog
  • A new way of communicating on top of what you already do
  • You are never done learning
  • Keep it fresh so people don’t drift away
  • Please stop inventing new platforms
  • Don’t forget your platform
  • Make sure to expand your brand in the places that you need to be.
  • Where is your audience and spend the most amount of time there
  • Use your resources wisely
  • Don’t stay in one place – but don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Writing content for other sites – pick carefully the channels you choose.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • When you try to do something big for yourself and compare to others.
  • Keep pushing forward
  • Know that these things that other people get don’t make a difference
  • Keep doing what you do and keep your passion
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Want to retain readers, not lose them
  • Continued grammar, spelling and content errors will drive people away ASAP
  • You’ll get a free pass once but that’s it.
  • A lot of editors at big sites almost care more about how you write versus the actual content that you write
  • Google, Stattracker,
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as putting up a post and asking your readers to do a survey to find out who your readers are and where are they from and what they do for a living?
  • Your blog is your home – you have the right to say what ever you want
  • To invite whomever you want
  • To delete whatever comment you like
  • Gather around you monitor and pluck out your story.  YOUR STORY.
Final Thoughts:
  • Be careful with slang, you aren’t writing for other bloggers but for everyone off of the street too. Especially geographical slang
  • Be careful if you become known for “salty language” or a certain style that isn’t always socially acceptable.  You don’t want to be pegged as a certain way – keep yourself open to other spaces.

How do you stay inspired on your blog?  How often do you write?