Additional Social Media Services


MM&J Consulting offers additional services to help you accomplish your objectives with social media:

MM&J Consulting can manage your WordPress website as one of our Additional Services (


MM&J Consulting can manage your company’s WordPress website or blog.  We provide our services on a monthly retainer basis, customized according to your needs. By taking the management of your website off your hands, you will be assured that your site is running smoothly, that your templates and plug-ins are updated and working properly, and that your content and images fit your business goals. We can also help you syndicate your blog across your social media channels.

MM&J Consulting provides Sponsored Content and Campaigns through Me, Myself and Jen (


MM&J Consulting works with the popular blog Me, Myself and Jen to develop original, sponsored content and campaigns for your company.  As a seasoned blogger with a reputation for excellence, the voice behind Me, Myself and Jen has produced customized content for such respected brands such as General Motors, Chevrolet, Walgreens, McDonalds, Jamba Juice and MasterCard.


Please contact MM&J Consulting directly to learn more about our WordPress management and sponsored content and campaigns!